Eléments d’une yourte

Walls, crown, sticks and much more

When ordering your yurt, you’ll not only have to decide about the size of your yurt. Many options are available to your yurt. Please read hereunder to see some of the choices you’ll have to make.

Inside cover

The inside cotton is a thin plain white cotton with simple decoration that is put over the walls to cover the walls. This cotton hides the wooden structure (the walls of the yurt) and gives a white light inside the yurt. The cotton is also put behind the roof sticks to hide the felt.

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We only offer this simple design of the inside cover. You can however choose the color of the decoration of the inside cotton. if you want to have it plain white we can make the decoration in white as well. So it will be white decoration on a white cotton.

The yurt's walls

The wall of the yurts is the skeleton that carries the whole structure of the yurts. Depending of its size, a yurt has 3 to 8 walls. The more walls a yurt is made of, the larger the outline of the yurt.

The yurt's windows

We offer windows left and right of the door, windows in the door and windows in the crown. Please read more hereunder


Windows at 180°

There is a large window in the outermost top centre part of the roof named the crown. Additional windows on the sides of the yurts can be ordered if wanted. Roof windows are made of Plexiglas, side windows are made of vacuum windows. Roof windows have a special cover that protects the yurt during rainfalls.

The yurt's door

The door have the same high as the walls. Normally yurts have one door only, but we produced yurts with 2 to 3 doors.

Door with windows

Connecting yurt

Double door

Door with small windows

Door with no window

Stable door

The crown with no windows

Upper central wooden part of the yurt that support the roof of the yurt. The crown is painted with patterns. Four ropes keep the crown and the walls together. One rope pulls by mean of a heavy weight the crown downwards.

The yurt's crown with windows

In the crown we offer the option of Plexiglas and windows. It’s a new design we developed and we are probably one of the only yurt producers offering this option. We also offer a special crown skirt in order that the rain flows nicely from the crown on the outside cover.

How to put the Plexiglas


The yurt's pools

The 2 poles are places in the centre of the yurt and support the crown. The poles are fixed to the crown by ropes. The supporting poles are painted with patterns.

The yurt's sticks

Sticks are linking the crown to the walls. It support the roof. Depending on the yurt size there are different quantities of sticks. We supply extra sticks in case some brake. Sticks are fixed to the walls with ropes. The sticks are painted with patterns.

The yurt's felt

We offer Mongolian single and double layer of felt. If you want to live in your yurt, better take a double felt. It keeps warm in the winter and fresh in the summer.

The felt of the yurt is put on the outside side of the walls and isolates the yurt. Mongolian felt is 100% natural, has some smell, but is very quality.


The yurt's rain cover

The rain cover protects the yurt against the rain. The rain cover is put directly over the felt. It is a one piece cover made of canvas. It is adapted to the rain habits of North Europe. We are proud of the quality of the rain cover we supply.

The skirt is down around the yurt and makes sure that there is no wind coming in the yurt from down the yurts. It’s important for windy regions.


Yurt's outside cover

The outside of the yurt is covered by a thick white cotton. This cotton, being thick is a second protection against the rain.

The cotton can be plain white, have the traditional Mongolian decoration patterns or a more complex pattern.


See here the different designs we offer for the outside cotton.

Yurt's decoration

All yurt decoration is packed in one bag.


The ropes

Here is a list of the different parts of your yurt. Before building your yurt, please make sure you have all the parts of your yurt.


The whole structure is hold together by a delicate set of strings and ropes. We offer two types of ropes, ropes made from horse hair or synthetic ropes. Those strings are made of Mongolian natural materials.

There is a supplement for Mongolian natural horse hair ropes.

Yurt's accessories